Commercial and<br />Industrial Transfer Switches

Commercial and
Industrial Transfer Switches

Commercial Transfer Switches

The Brains Behind Your Business' Backup Power System

The commercial line of transfer switches consists of the RTS service and non-service rated switches. These switches are available from 100 – 800 amps. With the RTS series, you can choose to cover every circuit all the time or only essential circuits when paired with a generator sized to your application. RTS transfer switches are ideal for residential, commercial and light-industrial applications.


Service Rated Switches

Service rated automatic transfer switches offer whole-house coverage for your back-up power needs. They feature a NEMA 3R enclosure, allowing for indoor or outdoor installation.

Available in:

100 – 400 AMP (single phase) 
100 - 400 AMP (three phase)


Non-Service Rated Switches

Non-service rated automatic transfer switches enable full-circuit coverage when an additional main disconnect is installed in the field. They feature a NEMA 3R enclosure that allows for indoor or outdoor installation.

Available in:

100 – 400 AMP (single and three phase)
600 – 800 AMP (single and three phase)


Industrial Transfer Switches

Industrial Grade Versatility and Flexibility Your Business Needs

The industrial line of transfer switches feature the HX Series service and non-service rated switches. Ranging in sizes from 100 – 400 amps, these switches have some of the highest withstand and closing ratings (WCR) with optional 3 cycle ratings available. In addition, the HX Series offers the ability to use the controller, update firmware or download data without the need for additional PPE when the enclosure door is installed. With exceptional features, the HX Series is designed to meet and exceed application need that vary from light industrial all the way to the most demanding critical installations.


HX Series
Download the HX Series Brochure


Available in:

HX Series 301, 100-400 Amp Non-Service Rated
HX Series 301, 100-400 Amp Service Rated
HX Series 601, 100-400 Amp Non-Service Rated with 3 Cycle Ratings