Be <b>Prepared</b> for Severe Weather and Power Outages

Be Prepared for Severe Weather and Power Outages

When the Storm Hits, Protect What Matters Most

Weather preparedness is crucial for having peace of mind during a power outage. A backup power solution is one way to be proactive when weather conditions change throughout the year. Honeywell Generators can provide a reliable way of ensuring the safety of your family and those important to you.

Be Prepared for Power Outages

Create a Disaster Plan

  • Identify a "safe spot" if a storm hits
  • Pinpoint a meeting location for your family if you end up separated during a storm
  • Appoint a friend who lives in a separate location as a contact for the family in case of separation

Learn the Difference Between a Watch and a Warning

  • A watch means there are conditions forming for potentially severe weather in a specified area within 36 hours
  • A warning means severe weather conditions have been reported and are expected within a specified area within 24 hours

Identify Potential Hazards and Protect Your Home

  • Remove outdoor items that could become airborne with high winds or a severe storm
  • Clip or cut down weak trees and branches
  • Ensure gutters, window wells, and spouts are clear to minimize the risk of flood
  • Cover any home openings such as windows, doors, vents

Secure Backup Power

  • In the case of a power outage ensure you have lighting, food, and other items deemed necessary
  • A home backup generator ensures peace of mind after storm