Why Standby <b>Power?</b> Safety, Security, Continued Revenue, and More

Why Standby Power? Safety, Security, Continued Revenue, and More

The Top 5 Reasons To Have Standby Power For Your Business

Businesses are as unique as the people who own and operate them. So are the reasons to have an emergency standby power system in place to protect your business. Here are the Top 5 reasons most businesses have to install a standby generator from Honeywell …


Safety and Security

The safety of your employees and customers isn’t just nice to have, it’s a must. Power for lighting and electrically-controlled entrances/exits during a power outage will help keep everyone safe. Plus, maintaining power to your security systems will keep your monetary resources and inventory protected.


Preserve Your Inventory

Many businesses have some sort of perishable inventory … hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery stores, just to name a few. An emergency backup power solution will keep your perishable inventory from going bad … saving huge dollars in disposal and replacement costs.


Revenue Opportunity

It’s simple – you’re open for business and your competition isn’t. Still being able to offer your goods and services to those who need it during a power outage is a great competitive advantage over other businesses that have to close their doors.


Enhance Your Brand

Not only will keeping your doors open during a power outage keep your revenue flowing, it has a positive impact on your brand. Customers will see you as the reliable resource for the goods and services they need.


Peace of Mind

Automatic standby generators from Honeywell require no action from you when a power outage occurs. The system recognizes the outage and automatically restores power to your facility in seconds, giving you peace of mind and the ability to conduct business as usual.