Your Generator’s Information, at Hand and in One Place
Mobile Link cellular remote monitoring lets you get and share information about your Honeywell home standby generator no matter where you are, using your computer, smart phone, or mobile device. View your generator’s status and maintenance needs. Set its exercise schedule. Review its running and maintenance history. And get notified of status changes.

How it Works
When the generator experiences a change in status, Mobile Link sends an update to, which forwards that information via website, email or text message—automatically.

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 Reliable connection when you need it most
Mobile Link’s cellular-based technology offers significant advantages over existing alternatives:
•Ethernet or telephone connection based solutions require uninterrupted utility power
• Lowest cost of any cellular monitoring solution
• Cellular technology provides broad coverage nationwide
• Cellular network self-configuration eliminates
complicated set-up and maintenance
• Installs in less than 15 minutes and remarkably
  easy to use
• OEM design for reliability and accuracy
After the first free year of service, flexible data packages are available. 1 year of service for as little as $99 or 3 years of service for $249 – a $50 savings. features a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to check your generator’s status:
• View current generator status and upcoming
  maintenance needs
• Remotely set exercise schedule
• Review run and maintenance history
• Connect your account to your authorized service dealer to allow them to view your maintenance schedule and alerts.
• Get local weather updates
• Change messaging settings


Free mobile app for iOS and Android™ devices available 
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 Email or Text Notifications
Get over 40 different notifications including successful exercise, maintenance reminders, change in status, low battery, fault alert and more:
• Get specific, accurate data on the status of
  your generator
• Select which notifications you wish to receive
  and when
• Designate up to 4 different accounts to receive
  email and text notifications
• Opt to send maintenance alerts to your dealer
  so they can provide professional support.
Mobile Link is designed for use with a generator equipped with an LCD display. Mobile Link is compatible with most 2008-and-newer air-cooled standby generators and 2010-and-newer liquid-cooled standby generators from Honeywell Generators.

NOTE: Please ensure you have cellular service capable of sending and receiving text messages in the area the device will be installed. A network extender is available through any Verizon equipment provider if needed.
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